Lessons Learned from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Frankenstein is so familiar and visible in popular culture that for many years I didn’t feel much need to read it. Learning a bit about Mary Shelley’s life a few months ago piqued my interest and a beach vacation (where my primary purpose was to swim, read, repeat) gave me the perfect opportunity.

As everyone on our vacation soon learned (whether they wanted to hear it or not), I was absolutely captivated by the story. Beyond all the misrepresentations of the story in Hollywood, the core message of Frankenstein has been sadly over-simplified and misrepresented by popular culture.

Instead of…

Writing is not going to be everyone’s favorite. Just like any other skill or task, some people are inevitably going to hate it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t all have to figure out a way to get it done. The reality is, writing is a necessary skill in almost any job. Whether it’s a report, a blog post, or even just an email, our writing reflects who we are and what we know.

But just because you hate it, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at it.

And you might even end up liking it a little bit! Here are a few key things to remember when you’re struggling to write:

1. Even professional writers find it hard.

Very, very…

The Ultimate Purpose of Content Marketing

Writing is important for your business because it helps you spread your message and build trust with your audience. However, each of these is not an end in and of themselves. They build towards one thing — selling your product or service.

I have a certain level of discomfort talking about the idea of selling. In fact, I was tempted to avoid talking directly about this topic altogether! And, yet, what is the purpose of content marketing except to sell what you have to offer?

However, sustainable sales over the long term only happen when people understand what you are…

Playing the Long Game

Photo by Savvas Stavrinos.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

People generally need 5–20 interactions, or touchpoints, with a business before they make a purchase. It may take even more if you’re selling complex or expensive products or services. So, as a business, it’s important to think of how to increase the number of touchpoints you have with potential customers. But it’s also important to understand why this statistic is true in order to design our touchpoints effectively.

Why do people need so many interactions with a business before parting with their money? Well, we generally…

Part 1: The Role of Individual Nations

The journey toward UHC is incredibly complex and important. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the already-existing gaps in the health sector, reinforcing how essential it is to establish well-functioning health systems. UHC affects and is affected by every aspect of the health sector and beyond. It will ultimately only be achieved with interventions on the national, regional and continental levels. While integration and cooperation across national and regional barriers is necessary, ultimately, each country will require its own unique set of innovative solutions. …

Think About Marketing Differently

A piece of paper filled with illegible cursive writing.
A piece of paper filled with illegible cursive writing.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Write for your business to spread your message.

Do you believe in the value of what your business offers? (If not, this article probably isn’t for you.) If so, you have a message to spread.

This is the case if your business does something that obviously promotes social good (human rights, health, education), and also applies to you if the positive impact of your work is less overt or obvious (construction, retail, banking).

Essentially, spreading your message is marketing. While the term marketing has been construed to connote pushy salespeople trying to manipulate others into spending money, the most effective marketing simply means making sure your valuable message…

You can’t repair water damage until you fix the leak.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I’m under no illusion that the problems in America are fixed now that Trump is going to be out of office at the end of January.

Not only did almost half the country vote for him, showing that there’s still a massive chasm in the thinking/values/beliefs/lack of understanding between the two sides, but even if Biden had gotten a landslide win, the systemic problems the U.S. faces are more serious and endemic than any one individual can create or solve. However…

Healing would have been impossible with Trump in office.

Trump’s primary skill set is uniting and rallying his base and alienating those who disagree with him/are different from…

I have centered my career around the idea that writing is important. It’s important for me as an individual, it’s important for society as a whole, and it’s important for our businesses.

You may think that, because your business is in, let’s say, construction or transportation or product creation, writing isn’t necessary for you. Let me try and convince you otherwise. Or maybe you have already been converted to this idea, but have yet to act on it (I’ve definitely been guilty of this). Either way, continue reading!

Content marketing is the best way to reach your audience.

Content marketing is a way of promoting your business by sharing valuable…

Preparing the African Health Workforce

As we look to strengthen Africa’s health systems using new and exciting technological advancements, it is essential that the continent’s health workforce is considered in the design and roll-out of these technologies. The health workforce is one of the primary consumers of new technologies in health, therefore the success of the innovations is dependent on their buy-in and training. They are central to the success of these potentially groundbreaking and revolutionary innovations.

Digital health is increasingly being employed to improve health systems and the efficient use of resources in Africa. Technological innovations could make a significant impact on improving health…

A Very Brief Feminist Manifesto

It’s not about proving we can do anything a man can do.
It’s not about never needing help from anyone.
It’s about arm strength.

I’m not trying to argue that all women are just as strong as all men or that there are no physical differences between the sexes. However, I do think that we as women don’t do ourselves any favors when we use those (fairly minor) physical differences as an excuse to become helpless.

Photo by Esther

I love to travel and sometimes I do so alone. If I can’t carry my suitcase from my bedroom to the car, how do…

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